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Pentagone is  a modular system of partitions with acoustic properties, to be combined to create high-performance work islands.


On the border between furniture and micro-architectures, many configurations emerge, from the simple desk to the meeting and conviviality area, including shared workspaces.


Transformable according to the spirit of the moment, the Pentagon can also be offered as a meeting room, a videoconference room or a workstation.


This system offers great flexibility: panels can be added or removed as desired to modulate the space. Handling is simple and requires no tools, the connection being ensured by the Quick-Lock system.


The feeling of protection and intimacy is reinforced by the chosen formal principle of partitions curved inwards at the top. Inspired by yurts but also by the fascinating structures of beehives, designers Perrine Vigneron and Gilles Belley wanted to deviate from the rectangular and often strict language of the tertiary universe to bring softness and comfort into buzzing work environments. A simple, elegant and original solution for isolation in tertiary spaces.

PENTAGONE acoustic alcove

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