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Cube completes the  collection dedicated to new teamwork methods. Cube was designed to support agile and nomadic working methods. It is the ally of collaboration, creativity and innovative ideas to share!


At the same time seat, work surface, platform and storage, Cube is an extremely functional module that adapts to infinity to create spaces dedicated to teams in no time.


Its structure is light, easily transportable thanks to its small volume and its integrated handle. It offers flexibility and mobility and has been designed to take up minimal space, even when stored.


When its structure does not offer an extra seat as a stool, bench or welcome platform for conferences, it can be transformed into a  workstation with the help of an additional tray. The interior of the Cube also turns out to be storage.


A harmonious, warm cubes raw pine plywood material. It transforms any room into a workspace dedicated to collaboration and creation.

An environment to imagine according to your needs, and to reconfigure. A playful freedom conducive to creativity.

Seating & modular storage CUBE

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