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The CAST seating collection lends itself to bespoke play with elegance and ease. It rests, literally, on a protruding base system in cast aluminum with the evocative look of a tree branch. This key piece, with its sober and contemporary design, constitutes a real graphic signature, recognizable and original.


Depending on the uses and desires, the seat is adapted to create zones of reinforced intimacy with high walls.


Modular and adaptable to multiple configurations, CAST seats can meet all the needs of tertiary lounge areas, guaranteeing maximum comfort.


The structure of each armchair is then completed with wood core panels, covered with foam and textiles, to be proportioned according to the desired style and needs: single armchair, multi-seater sofa, high partitions to create an area of intimacy visual and acoustic… Finally, seating comfort is ensured by foam cushions covered with textiles.

CAST seats

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