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1.618, a sober and elegant program of modular offices. Office 1.618 intelligently accompanies evolving tertiary facilities. This versatile range, whose name refers to the golden ratio and the laws of balance dear to Leonardo da Vinci and Le Corbusier, has been designed to meet the greatest number of possible configurations.


1.618 is ideal for dynamic space planning and is particularly suitable for tertiary environments based on work in project mode. The range is built around a technical column, which allows complete cable management (both horizontal and vertical). Storage modules of different sizes are associated with this frame. They are available in many variations: sliding doors, hinged doors, drawers, storage for central unit, niches, benches, etc. The desks can be combined: single workstation, bench for two, bench for four, etc. They therefore make it possible to optimize workspaces and meet any needs for reception, isolation and exchanges. The 1.618 office system was co-financed with “Le Lieu du Design”.

Office 1.618

  • Variations: available in single station with column, 2-seater bench, 2-seater bench with column, 4-seater bench

    Composition: connection access hatch, disengageable front, height adjustment shoes from 72 to 78 centimeters, base made up of a tapered T profile.

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    Download the technical sheet in English 

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