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Nii is a multifunctional table / desk: work, lunch, receive, draw, play. With its double tray, it is a  response to  current issues of flexibility and reversibility of uses (and spaces). The space between the two planes makes it possible to make the objects of the upper plate disappear.


Nii exists in 2 sizes 

Desk / table NII 95

  • Dimensions

    Medium: W. 800 mm x H. 750 mm x D. 1600 mm

    Wide: L. 800 mm x H. 750 mm x D. 1800 mm


    Materials Weight Rate of recycling Origin
    Drink 45.0kg 100% Fr
    steel 1.6kg 30% Fr
    screw/patina/thread 0.4kg 0% Had
    Total 47kg

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