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FA7 presents a faceted aesthetic with softened angles, like pebbles tirelessly polished by the waves. The volumes and dimensions chosen refer to the work of Le Corbusier and constitute a collection with a strong, dense and resolutely contemporary aesthetic. Each piece is cut like a small diamond.


The seating elements, emblematic of the family, are composed of a flared base in lacquered wood and a padded shell covered in Alcantara-type fabric. The cushions, chubby and covered in colored woolen fabrics, ensure comfort and generosity of the seat.


The set immediately conveys feelings of support and well-being, while remaining compact and suitable for all morphologies.


An offer of tufted rugs accompanies the other pieces of furniture to create a coherent and well-defined lounge area. These rugs, with an unprecedented octagonal shape, follow the faceted aesthetic chosen by the designers.


The coffee tables, whose base is treated with welded metal wires 4 mm in diameter, can become a pouf in the blink of an eye. A faceted cushion is simply added to their lacquered wood top, which has a cornice preventing the cushion from slipping.


The choice of textiles makes it possible to play on bi-coloured and bi-material harmonies in resonance with the color chosen for the lacquering of the bases.

Sofa FA7

  • Width:  from 72 to 176.2 cm

    Depth: 70 cm 

    Form: 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, armchair, square coffee table, rectangular coffee tables, rug

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