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The T.Chair is a creation that goes straight to the point. 


The set of modular chairs stretches in three heights, and finds its place in contract spaces as well as in tertiary and residential spaces. Stackable and easy to lift, the T.Chair is resolutely practical.


With a sober but inviting expression, the T.Chair interweaves a light and streamlined tubular structure with a backrest that asserts the material, between solid wood and the preciousness of a walnut essence.


Different colors of finishes are available to provide a customizable experience. Thus, we find the T.Chair in a monochrome or multicolored finish among ochre, green, black, sky blue or warm white colours. The comfortable seat is also available in a padded version in leather or fabric. Its elegance and uniqueness make it a timeless and graceful chair.


Backed by its expertise in workspace layouts, this made in Cider edition offers a long-lasting chair, easily adaptable to a wide range of uses and interior styles.

T-CHAIR chair

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