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Arca is a travertine console. It is made of UHPS ©, a technology that allows the stone to be shaped.


Arca exists in 2 sizes.


“  The Arca console is a simple top placed on a base ; an economical and sober gesture, a design that plays with architectural archetypes such as the arcade or the architrave, and a dose of surprise. The console is made of a unique material : travertine stone residues. The thin top and the curved stone base of the Arca console table take an original look at the use of stone in furniture. »

Console ARCA 88.1

  • Dimensions: 

    Medium: L. 1200 mm x H. 900 mm x D. 400 mm

    Large: L. 1500 mm x H. 900 mm x D. 400 mm


    Materials Weight Recycling rate Origin
    rock 35.7kg 100% It
    concrete 6kg 30% It
    screw/patina/thread 0.8kg 0% It
    paint/glue 0.05kg 0% It
    Total 42.55kg

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