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FlexCab is the solution layout acoustic lighthouse from the “As You Work” collection by Cider Edition.


As You Work, constitutes a concept of spaces of work new generation, designed for their users. Today more than ever, the day of the collaborator for more efficiency, creativity and productivity,  requires different stations and workplaces. A need for flexibility that FlexCab understood correctly. 


This acoustic cabin allows you to recreate in the workspace des micro-environments, adapted And adaptable to needs And activities of the collaborators :  get together, call, focus, collaborate, relax and rest. Faced with the hybridization of activities, the rapid growth of the company, the agile structure of Flexcab as a real solution planning allows you to configure separate areas with a certain freedom And a economy of AVERAGE,  while minimizing the number of interventions on the frame. No electrification constraints, de cloisons fixed from the ground to the ceiling.

Workspace - FLEX CAB

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