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This creation by studio cocorico Paris is inspired by the stairs of the Butte Montmartre, a real meeting place offering a panoramic view of the capital. Montmartre borrows from these staircases the conviviality and the proximity of the moment: appropriated by their users, they have become over time seats in their own right.

It is thus naturally that the "Montmartre" modules invite themselves into workspaces for a new dynamic during meetings or conferences, inviting users to take different perspectives, to get closer informally.


The purpose of these modules? Offer new postures to everyday spaces.


Together, they make it easy to compose an audience space, acting as bleachers. They do not, however, lose their typically Parisian distinction, which can be embellished in beautiful finishes with a ramp, a lamp or a side table conducive to taking notes. Each module is upholstered and covered with a covering according to your needs. Indoor or outdoor.


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