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Imagined by designer Alix Videlier, this mirror was designed to meet the needs of entrances. Un single object 3 functions: mirror, storage compartment, door coat!

Not very wide, it can fit into many entrances. It will give depth to spaces, often petits to enlarge them and more natural light.


Steel for the environment


Ecological, they use  recycled and recyclable steel. It is painted  with powder coated fine texture matte paint. Organic coating, it requires no solvent. Without TGIC or heavy metals, it contains no harmful volatile matter. Its mode of application in our factory in Vendée, allows a clean use which does not pollute the ground.


This model is available in black or white powder coated steel. Customization is possible. Do not hesitate to contact us.

ARIANE mirror

  • Structure Steel

    Painting Powder coated epoxy

    Dimensions (in cm) W.72 x D.20 x H.101

    Mirror Glass

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