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Inspired by the undulations of a flag in the wind, the innovative Gommette screen brings a touch of conviviality to workspaces while preserving the privacy of these users. 


Designed by studio JUAM, the two wavy shapes of the Varian® screen rest on a metal support inspired by stands for kimonos. Of different heights and shapes, these shapes combine and overlap to play on opacity and create interior landscapes. The openwork material of Varian® thus creates an intimate space while letting the light shine through in certain places.


The great particularity of the screen is its two eco-designed linen-based woven drapes, the Varian® manufactured by CultureIN. Varian® is a composite fabric combining linen fiber and biosourced resin. It combines technique and aesthetics for eco-design, layout or decoration of living and working spaces.

Acoustic screen in Varian GOMMETTE

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