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The world of the office is changing. Professions change, they evolve, and new work practices appear.

The result of advanced thinking on the layout of the office spaces of tomorrow, the Joint Venture furniture program adapts easily to new uses. He knows how to intelligently and elegantly put himself at the service of a world of work where hierarchical codes are transformed, and where collaboration, sharing and exchange become key values.


Responding to the multiplicity and flexibility required by today's workspaces, Joint Venture offers attractive solutions for innovative layouts.

The collection is based on a series of modules with clean lines, infinitely combinable to satisfy all needs, from the meeting table to the double workstation, including the executive desk.


Tops and legs, simple, sober, and available in two colors, can be combined according to needs.

Meeting table ? Console work? Single workstation? Staggered combination? The Joint Venture collection makes it possible to meet all the requirements of a work space anchored in our time.

JOINT VENTURE workstation

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