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In today's tertiary context, professional nomadism, co-working and other flexible work practices are becoming widespread. Light and whimsical, the Poov beanbag responds  to new needs and demands for mobility and agility.


The domestic universe also tends to penetrate the world of the office, bringing comfort, comfort, and fantasy.  This occasional seat perfectly meets the current tertiary requirements of nomadic and playful furniture. Elle  consists of a polystyrene core covered with foam and lined with fabrics. Its compact cork base and its mooring rope handle recall the nautical world that the designer is particularly fond of.


Poov, a moving pouf that offers many advantages: a light occasional seat, easy to handle and move thanks to its practical, friendly, playful handle... A little essential seat companion, which oscillates according to the days, floating on the surface of the ground, and always ready to support an impromptu exchange between colleagues!

POOV bean bag

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