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The PUZZLE collection is  a simple and economical modular storage system, designed by its integrated design studio. A clever way to adapt your storage to your workspace at any time.


PUZZLE storage units can be combined and assembled without tools thanks to a simple connection piece which connects the units and their extensions.
Thus, the modules stack and disassemble quickly to meet the different organizational constraints. These modules are available in different versions and functions: open storage, storage with hinged doors, extensions with bottoms in di erent nishes, etc.


A range perfectly adapted to all office spaces, open or closed.
Designed to combine aesthetics and economy, these storage units are an excellent solution for functional projects where value for money is essential.


Vertical connection parts between the modules, allowing to release a hollow joint between each element. An appreciated aesthetic detail.


The back side of each piece of furniture is no longer to be hidden! It is in fact covered with a one-piece panel 18 mm thick, making any configuration possible and aesthetically pleasing.


All hinges are equipped with a self-braking closing system.


This product is NF Environment certified.

PUZZLE storage

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