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The Anatole coffee table by designer Bastien Chapelle stands out as a refined combination of noble materials and sheet metal, introducing a style that is both contemporary and iconic into your living room or office.


The perfection of a classic form, renewed by the duality of its materials. The Anatole  coffee table by Bastien Chapelle consists of a sophisticated, imposing marble half-top. The second half-top contrasts with a work of perforated sheet metal, with an airy and almost transparent pattern, surprisingly imbued with delicacy.

This distinction of details is found in the very marked veins of the marble, in the elegant junction of the legs. The Anatole table plays with our expectations and ultimately offers simplicity of form and lightness.


Ideal for a convivial space, to be combined with le armchair Ingrid from the same designer.

ANATÔLE coffee table

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