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Lobbies and meeting spaces reflect a company's identity. The layout and meticulously chosen furniture help to materialize and make visible the culture of each company at a time when it takes center stage.


With its partitions, it is placed in reception areas or tertiary passageways, to offer partitioning and confidentiality.


This coffee table is made up of an oblong top, open in the middle, like a circuit promoting circulation… hence the name chosen for this object! Both sculptural and practical, this central indentation makes it possible to compose with various accessories (separation panels, vases, magazine rack, etc.).


A modular object, both in functions and in materials, which will allow everyone to compose a space in their image and meeting their needs.


A sub-top can be used to anchor various decorative objects such as vases or trinkets, and can hide the cables of a lamp. Walls intended to create areas of intimacy in increasingly open work spaces can also be installed.

CIRCUIT coffee table

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