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Ghan is a coffee table.


It is the somewhat unnatural combination of a  recycled plastic tray, a base made of  natural recycled oak or stained with walnut stain and a brass spacer.

Ghan exists in 2 sizes.


« The legs of the Ghan table have stories to tell : cut from scrap production of railway sleepers, they are then waxed or stained with Brou of nuts. The curved, recycled plastic top is slipped between two blocks of solid wood. A balance is created between the dense and raw base of the table and the soft lines of the top. »
Charlotte Juillard

GHAN 92.8 coffee table

  • Dimensions

    Small: L. 445 mm x H. 430 mm x D. 440 mm 

    Medium: L. 445 mm x H. 530 mm x D. 440 mm


    Materials Weight Rate of recycling Origin
    plastic 4kg 100% UK
    brass 1kg 0% Fr
    drink 16kg 100% Fr
    screw/patina/thread 0.55kg 0% Fr
    paint/glue 0.05kg 0% Fr
    Total 21.60kg

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