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Archy is a clever little being who completes the de Cider Edition collection dedicated to new teamwork methods. Archy was created by designer AdriAn Blanc   to support agile and nomadic working methods. It is the ally of collaboration, creativity and innovative ideas to share!


At the same time writing board, stool and storage, Archy, by AdriAn Blanc, is at the service of creative people, designers and innovators who are building the future. Its writing surface board allows them to deploy their visualization, from the meeting room to their office, to work in mobility and continuity.


Its structure is light and tame in no time. Thanks to its small volume, its wheels and its handle integrated in the  panel, Archy can be moved easily. It offers flexibility and mobility and has been designed to take up minimal space.


When its structure does not offer an extra seat during meetings and workshops, the pouf and its interstices make it possible to store the panels. Its practical pocket accommodates markers and pens.


Relaxed, dynamic and in tune with the times, its design is simple but clever. cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_It transforms any room into a workspace dedicated to collaboration and creation.

ARCHY mobile writing board

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