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Plast is a stool.


It combines the know-how of traditional carpentry  and new (noble) matières. It is made of recycled plastic 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and the legs are in walnut or beech.


“ Plast is an OMNI (unidentified movable object) en recycled and molded plastic. Like a puzzle piece that can be multiplied and assembled, it is both a seat, a side table or coffee table. Its organic feet  confer  an elegance that contrasts with its more raw seat.
Martino Gamper

PLAST 74.9 stool

  • Dimensions: L. 400 mm x H. 430 mm x D. 400 mm


    Materials Weight Recycling rate Origin
    plastic 4.4kg 100% UK/Fr
    drink 1.4kg 0% Fr
    screw/patina/thread 0.3kg 0% Had
    paint/glue 0.05kg 0% Had
    Total 5.88kg

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